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3 steps:

Step 1:  Register your details and concerns, and

Step 2:  Book an appointment - by email, phone or face-to-face

Step 3:  Advice and assistance provided

  • What we can do for you

    Provide affordable legal advice, even though we are not Solicitors.

    Tell you your rights

    Advise you on an appropriate course of action

    Provide you with free or affordable help

    Draft effective complaint letters

    Provide effective strategy and tactics

    Advise you of all alternative dispute resolution solutions

    Help prepare a court/money claim

    Come to court with you

    Help and advise you after court/dispute resolution appointments

  • Our fees:

    £85 per hour

    Budget packages which are charged at £40 per hour

Advice and help on all family law matters:  www.familylawclinic.co.uk